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Work Service Software -WFT


Work Service Software is a comprehensive & highly Customizable Field Work Force Tracking, Monitoring & Management App. You will need your organization account ID from us to use it.Go to for more info or for requesting a test/demo account. Work Service Software is suitable for Security, Construction, Alarm, Electrical, Chemical, HVAC, Audio, Cable and Telecom Sales and Service companies.Many companies are looking for effective tools to track, monitor and manage their field work force. As the leader in the mobile workforce management, Work Service Software™ provides a collection of tools to improve productivity and lower operational costs of managing field Sales, Service or Field Data Collections operations.Work Service Software is a powerful & Highly Customizable solution with best-in-class features for managing your field work force. It provides Location Tracking, Location Maps, Security Alerts, Advanced Geo-Fencing, Time-sheets, Task Assignments, Employee Messaging, Custom Data Forms, and many more advanced features needed to run complex field operations.With Work Service Software™ you can do all above and more. Your field employees can update their status, submit time sheets, task reports and expense sheets, customer data and more. At the same time, they can request emergency services from the field. In a turbulent world full of many unpredictable events, employers can have peace of mind that they know at all times where their field employees are. If they are on lunch or a customer site, travelling or staying in a hotel, you will know their whereabouts.If your company assigns tasks, jobs, sales leads, inspection routines or daily work orders to your field staff and/or collects any data from the field such as timesheet, daily work reports, expense or mileage data, the work-force tracker is a perfect solution for this. Work Service Software is highly flexible, and a very customizable platform software. That is what makes it very simple yet powerful to use. You can use features that you need and hide the features that you don't. Task assignment is one such function.You can create tasks for your field staff and assign them using highly intuitive Web interface. Our task definition is flexible to allow many kinds of tasks such as service, pick-up, deliveries, emergency planning, sales leads, on-site daily assignments etc.Work Service software does not require any special phone and runs on any Android phone or tablet. Work Service Software(WFT) software is suitable for all verticals in the service industry and is configurable. With the close integration of the mobile applications with the cloud based Field Force Tracker software, the service companies can expect to achieve higher utilization of their resources and significantly cut their operational costs.